Although not played in Brandon, MB currently, Broomball is very popular in surrounding towns such as:


  McCreary, MB.. 
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  St. Claude, MB...
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and, Glenella, MB - - which is called the “Broomball Capital of the World” in Wikipedia!
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 The game is also a popular intramural sport at universities in the northeastern United States.  Check out this YouTube video from Boston University:




And, this YouTube video of the 2012 Canadian Juvenile Broomball Championships shows what competitive broomball in Canada looks like:






I had an opportunity to chat with Raymond Massinon, member of the St. Claude Broomball Club and coach of the Manitoba Boys Juvenile Broomball team. He gave me an overview of the game.


Team Manitoba Boys 2





In St. Claude, both boys and girls start playing broomball at around age 11.  Boys and girls play together in mixed leagues but at the national level, girls and boys compete separately.



Team Manitoba AllStars Girls 1



Players need the following equipment in order to play broomball:

·        Shin Pads

·        Gloves

·        Broomball shoes

·        Helmet

·        Sweat pants

·        Jersey

·        Elbow pads

·        Broomball broom

Players do not wear chest protectors like hockey.



The Game

The Game


Broomball is like hockey in that there are five players plus a goalie on the ice at any one time.  However, broomball players wear special broomball shoes, use a broomball broom which is composed of a stick with a rubber triangular head, and play with a ball.  It is a contact sport for both boys and girls although, as the caliber of play increases, the body contact tends to decrease.  The rules of hockey and broomball are are different but generally, the positions played in hockey and broomball are very similar.  So if a person has experience playing hockey, they can transition quite easily to broomball.


More Information


Looking for More Information?Team Manitoba AllStars Girls 2


Interested in Trying Out the Game of Broomball?

If you would like to try playing broomball, the St. Claude Broomball Club is VERY supportive of encouraging the formation of new clubs and would assist any way they can.  Please see their website for their contact information.


If you would like to learn more about Broomball, check out the following websites:

·        Broomball Canada

·        International Broomball

·        Manitoba Broomball

·        St. Claude Broomball






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Fun Fact: There are actually 8 Brandons in the USA - in Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin but only 1 Brandon in Canada - Brandon, MB!!

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