Once your child has learned the basics of skating through Skate Brandon’s CanSkate program and is interested in pursuing figure skating, Skate Brandon offers two figure skating programs:  STARSkate and CompetitiveSkate.



The STAR in STARSkate stands for Skills, Tests, Achievement and Recognition.

For more than four decades, STARSkate has been the predominant figure skating program in Canada. Through the STARSkate program, skaters of all ages can develop figure skating skills in the areas of ice dance, skating skills, free skate and interpretive skating either in group and/or private lesson format. Skaters progress through levels in order and earn awards and incentives. Skaters have the opportunity to take Skate Canada Tests through a nationally standardized testing system. Graduates of the STARSkate program may also choose to pursue synchronized skating or pairs skating.


When your child is registered for a STARSkate program at Skate Brandon, you also become a member of Skate Canada, the national sport governing body for figure skating in Canada. Membership benefits in the STARSkate program can include:
• Badges, stickers, and tattoos
• Progress updates and report cards
• Special STARSkate events and club functions
• Opportunity to be talent-scouted
• Opportunity for personal growth and the development of important life skills such as goal-setting, self-discipline, confidence, time      management, healthy lifestyle and coping strategies to deal with success and failure.
• opportunities to be recognized through a nationally standardized testing system for achieving specific figure skating skills
• complimentary Gold Test pins
• invitational and interclub competitions, including the STARSkate championship stream
• STARSkate Skater of the Year awards program

Do you have a child who wants to learn how to skate? Brandon, Manitoba’s Skate Brandon provides a variety of skating programs that follow Skate Canada’s structure including Intro to CanSkate and CanSkate, the only nationally learn-to-skate program in Canada.
                                                                        Intro to CanSkate
The Intro to CanSkate program is adapted from the CanSkate program and is meant to introduce your child to skating with you at his or her side. Although many similarities to the CanSkate program, the main differences are:

  1.                The session is reduced to 30 minutes
  2.           An adult partner accompanies the skater on the ice. This partner must be the same for all sessions due to insurance restrictions and wear skates.

If your skater is ready to be alone on the ice, you can choose CanSkate rather than Intro to CanSkate.



CanSkate is Skate Canada's preeminent learn-to-skate program, designed for beginners of all ages. Participants progress at their own pace learning skill basics in a group format led by an NCCP certified professional coach and assisted by trained Program Assistants - all while having fun using music and various teaching aids! The coach to student ratio is a maximum of 1:10. Participants earn badges and other incentives as they learn fundamental skating skills.


CanSkate is the feeder program to CanPower and StarSkate.
When your child is registered for a CanSkate program at Skate Brandon, you also become a member of Skate Canada, the national sport governing body for figure skating in Canada. Membership benefits in the CanPowerSkate program can include:

  • Badges, stickers, tattoos and colouring sheets
  • Parent information sheets
  • Progress updates and report cards
  • Special CanSkate events and club functions


Kids of all ages. 

Required Skills

Kids must be able to participate by themselves.

The CanSkate program focuses on the development of six fundamental movements (Go Forward, Go Backward, Stop, Turn, Spin, and Jump) organized in six stages of learning, with an optional 7th level for skaters who want to move into figure skating as follows:

Stage 1 - Balance
Stage 2 - Glide Forward
Stage 3 - Glide Backward
Stage 4 - Edges
Stage 5 - Power
Stage 6 - Speed
Stage 7 (optional) - Pre-Preliminary

Once the skills on each stage are mastered, a badge is awarded. The series of badges include Stage badges, Fundamental Movement badges and Fitness badges.


Participants wear skates and CSA approved helmet.


There are numerous sessions throughout the year including the following:
• Fall
• Winter
• Fall/Winter combined
• Spring
• Summer

Check Skate Brandon’s website for schedule.


Days of the Week
The days of the week and number of days per week that participants skate depends on the session.


Costs are dependent on the length of session selected and range from $225+ (2014) plus Skate Canada Fee of $35 if not paid in a previous session of the same season.  Signing up for Fall and Winter combined is significantly cheaper than signing up for Fall and Winter separately.

Location and Information

The Optimist Arena in the Keystone Centre.


For More Information
Contact Skate Brandon or visit their website to register.

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At Fun Time Pottery we offer ceramic painting, hand building with clay and canvas painting for kids in a group form. You do not need to be registered for weekly classes, we have a monthly calendar with all events and ask customers to RSVP to all events they would like to attend. During the school year we offer "Kid's Club" on most Saturday mornings, as well as "Story Time" on scheduled Wednesday's. We run a Kid's Camp during the summer (as well as a few weeks of Tweens and Teens Camps). Our studio also offer's school programs where we can go to the school or the school can visit us on a field trip. We do birthday parties and offer team building parties! You can also drop in at any time to paint personalized pottery or hand build with clay.


To Register your child Call the store or send an email. More information can be found in the below tabs !



Fun Time Pottery is for all ages! Kid's club is aimed at kids 5 and up, Story Time is aimed at preschoolers. We offer activities for all ages.


The season is all year around ! 


Kid's Club usually takes place 10am-12pm
Story Time 10:30am or 1pm
Store Hours
Wed: 10:30–20:00
Thurs: 12:00–20:00
Fri: 12:00–18:00
Sat: 10:30–18:00
Sun: 13:00–17:00


Cost varies per project.



535 34th Street, Brandon, Manitoba R7A 3P8


(204) 728-4659

More Information

Fun Time Pottery is a chance to show your creative side. You have the option of coming in for a scheduled project or coming in on your own time to create something of your own! It is a great way for the kids to get creative and make something they can be proud of.


Parents can check the website here :


Address : 535 34th Street, Brandon, Manitoba R7A 3P8

(204) 728-4659

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Logo1 Juniors


Roller derby helps build confidence, embraces individualism, and builds athleticisim in a fun, safe, respectful environment. Skaters of all abilities can explore the sport of Flat Track Roller Derby. Not sure what it looks like?  Check out this Youtube video:





  • Sk8 Skool:  Girls between the ages of 8 and 11 start in Sk8 Skool. Skaters who start in Sk8 Skool who are determined to have advanced skating skills may be bumped up to Little Yeti's.
  • Little Yeti's:  Girls between the ages of 12 and 17 or younger skaters with more advanced skating skills.
  • hug1


The 2015 season will run from February through October.

Practices take place on Sundays: starting at 2:30. 

Sk8 Skool: 2:30 to 3:30pm

Little Yeti’s:2:30 to 4:30pm. 


Cost (2015) prices

  • Roller Derby is a sport entirely funded by the members. Because of this, there are fees associated with enrolling a child in Junior Derby. All skaters must also have Canadian Roller Derby Insurance.

    Basic fees are as follows:

  • Sk8 Skool (ages 8-11): $15 per month
  • Little Yetis (ages 12-17): $20 per month
    CRDI Insurance: $30 for three-month apprentice or $50 annually.

    If a skater graduates from Sk8 Skool to Little Yeti’s, then you must pay the Little Yetis rate of $60 per quarter.

  • hug3


  • All skaters will be required to purchase their own gear. The following gear is mandatory:

    Quad Roller Skates (derby style preferred)
    Wrist guards
    Elbow Pads
    Knee Pads


  • Junior Derby practices at the Community Annex in Shilo (building L25). See the map below:
  • shilo-visitor-map small
  • And here is a map of Shilo:
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