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Do you have a kid who likes games or is looking for a club in Brandon, MB?  Then you have come to the right place!  We are in the process of putting together all of the clubs and games in Brandon so check back often to follow our progress.  Or, if you know of any clubs or games we have missed, certainly feel free to contact us.  So far, we have the following:


Brandon Amateur Radio Club

If you have a child interested in amateur radio (also called ham radio), check out this link. And, here is a YouTube video showing two kids during Kids Day on Ham Radio!!



Brandon Camera Club

photo (1)Do you have a kid photography buff?  Then check out the Brandon Camera Club.








Brandon Hills Model Railway Club

 brandon hills railroad club

 Do you have a kid who loves trains?  Then check out this link.








Girl Guides of Canada

Do you have a girl interested in leadership, life skills, camping, the outdoors...and much, much, more?  Then check out the Girl Guides of Canada.


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Fun Fact: There are actually 8 Brandons in the USA - in Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin but only 1 Brandon in Canada - Brandon, MB!!

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Brandon ranked 26th as best place to live in Canada 2015 list. Read the complete list from here .

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